At Home Care When You Can’t Be There!

Being away from your feline friend can be stressful.  Feline Friends hopes to remove some of that stress by providing quality, in-home care for your cats while you are away.kittens

If you are going through a busy time at work, illness, or emergency with your family, Feline Friends can reduce your stress by providing meal time, play time and cuddle time to make sure your kitties have the comfort and security of maintaining their routine while you deal with other responsibilities.

New kitten owner?  Adopt a new cat and need some assistance with the process of integrating your new family member?  Concerned over a new behavior?  Want some assistance making sense of all the information out there? Feline Friends can help.

We aim to pay attention to every detail, provide exceptional customer service and peace of mind to both you and your cat or cats.  Contact us to set up a free consultation to see how we can meet your needs.